Robert Luzar





Demonstrations (c. 2017 - ongoing)

Online videos and live-art performances; various media.


Demonstrations are works that partially show or demonstrate actions which ‘may’ or ‘may not’ be done by anyone, artist and/or audience. These are works that first appear on the internet as ‘how to’ videos, showing audiences step-by-step actions, using subtitles to outline such actions as possibilities; but they are also works that appear in performances, where audiences are shown how such demonstrations take place, and in ways different to however they seem to first appear. ‘May’ or ‘may not’ are words that repeat throughout the subtitles, and are also spoken out loud through out these – obstructive yet open –performances.

Demonstration7: how to bag one's air (2018)


Demonstration9: how to rub coins and fingers through papers (2018)