NOW ...

Visions In The Nunnery (Nunnery Gallery, London, Oct-Nov. 2016)


Skelf – an online, nomadic project space (Oct-Nov. 2016)


Drive Thru (QPark, Cavendish Square, London, Oct. 2016)


Line, Point, Plane (Nunnery Gallery, London, Sept. 2016)


Draw to Perform 3 (Crows Nest Gallery, London, July 2016)


Minimalism & Architecture (Fringe Arts Bath, May 2016)


Drawing Upon Experience (Corsham Court, Bath Spa University, July 2016)


Imago Mundi (Benetton Foundation, IT/CA, 2016)


Draw To Perform (OCAD University, CA, Feb. 2016)


Duration & Dialogue (Katzman Contemporary, CA, Jan. 2016)


The Waiting Room (44AD Gallery, UK, Jan. 2016)


Legs, Too (FADO, CA, Oct. 2015)


DRAWinternational (artist residency, FR, Mar. 2015)


A book chapter published now in:

Nancy & Visual Culture

Edinburgh University Press, 2016

– cover photo from Details Through Pointing (2013)